Dissections, - hingeable classes and more

A few of the following dissections where already shown or described on the webpage of the book Dissections Plane & Fancy, - but those informations where only viewable for a short time, which is one of the reasons why I decided to post my own webpage. Another reason is that there is a new book on the market that specializes on hinged dissections. Readers getting aquainted with the new techniques shown there could be able to find classes of hinged triangles and squares that are not inside that book, but already known to me.

Thus this webpage shows mainly hinged classes of polygons and additionaly a few unhinged classes. I shall also show some special cases of hinged and unhinged dissections of diverse polygons, - especially crosses, - and a few of the more general dissections that are described as "special relationships" in Dissections Plane & Fancy. It is unavoidable to take reference to that book, because some of the material that I am posting can be considered as corrections or improvements of the dissections already shown there. I thus asked Anton Hanegraaf for his permission to show the T-slide, but could not do the same for my own applications of two different methods shown in Grerg Fredericksons book. I appley them to cases of which Frederickson had evidently not known of, - and on the other hand, he did not care for my permission to show the T-step (which I have discovered!) in his new book Hinged Dissections: Swinging and Twisting. I thus take reference to certain sections of that book too, - especially since two of my dissections that I had sent to Greg Frederickson are to be seen in a somewhat different manner there, even though Mr. Frederickson had known nothing alike before, as he has stated in his signed letters to me (for more information to that go to  Corrections and a new... ; New dissections of Greek crosses...)!

Table of contents (go to):
Corrections and a new order to certain triangle classess
New dissections to the special relationships of triangles
New dissections to the special classes of triangles
New dissections to the special relationships of squares
New dissections to the special classes of squares
New dissections of Greek crosses and Latin crosses
New dissections of diverse polygons

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